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An interim recruitment solution should be more than a stop gap.

Temporary employees and contractors should be source of lasting value to your organization – especially in times of change or transition. 

We have a pool of pre-identified temporary staff available to our clients and we strive to identify and add to this pool of talent on an ongoing basis. When selecting our temporary staff we combine our innovative and bespoke training coupled with in-depth face to face interviews, pre-employment and integrity screening to ensure that you will get a trusted, proven professional with a track record of achievement and success. 

Clients have the option of choosing for the temp to be "CA Supervised", where our compliance specialists oversee the work and help with compliance plans and templates.



Identifying and then recruiting talent is one of the most difficult and complex issues that businesses face today. The “battle for talent” in the Compliance area is even more difficult as there is a lack of the top human capital and thus it makes it more imperative to a firm to use the Executive Search firm that can deliver that talent. We are a firm that has a depth of knowledge and reach which is unparalleled due to the nature of our group company’s depth of knowledge and connections in the regulatory and compliance sector.

We leverage this knowledge base with best-in-class candidate sourcing methodologies to identify and successfully place the top candidates in the field.

We offer full search and selection services in the Compliance and regulatory support fields, but also have extensive expertise in front office recruitment.

Our director, Duncan MacKay has been in Executive Search for 20 years and leads our search assignments.

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