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Investment Compliance Human Capital – a growing scarce resource in Asia


Investment Compliance Human Capital – a growing scarce resource in Asia

25 Aug 2017


Deloite has recently published their 2017 Survey on Global Investment Compliance.

Compliance Talent Solutions has recently successfully completed mandates in this area and we have further mandates on which we are working – this was after the original search firm had failed to fill the roles, so we were asked to step in to remedy this crucial area for the client. 

This is a very ‘hard to find’ Human Capital area, many companies have outsourced much of their operations in this area and we have had to look globally to find good talent, but this is the modern era and many searches have to go beyond traditionally fixed geographic border and out of the box to be successfully completed. We have worked on a contract/interim assignment basis as well as a permanent headcount basis – we found the right Human Capital Solution for the client. For further detail, please click here.

Should you have any needs in this area or have some experience in this area, we would be happy to help.

You can get in touch with CA Talent’s Director Duncan Mackay at duncan.mackay@complianceasia.com or simply call in at +852 28689070.


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